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How To Optimize Your Web Site
By Dimitar Avramov

Optimizing your web pages is very important step a successful online business. Why is that? Because Search Engines find and rank well-optimized web sites better than those that do not stick any logical rules.

There are a number of search engines each using a different algorithm. Since few of us can spare time to study each them you have 2 choices - to go for a professional SEO service or to optimize your pages by yourself using generalized rules.

This article aims to help personal web site owners and small business web sites optimize their pages. I suggest a model for website optimization that guarantees you will avoid the most common mistakes that people made. It works for me so I'm sure it will work for you.

So let's start with Meta Tags. What is that?

The Meta tags in HTML are not necessary when you're creating your web pages. Many pages do not use them at all. However the meta tags are used by search engines to allow them to more accurately list your site in their indexes. A good technical explanation of "what are Meta Tags" can be found here:

A description or words placed between two Title tags < title >< /title > will appear in the reverse bar of someone's browser when they view the web page. The title tag is very important for your rank in the Search Engines. The text you use in the Title tag is one of the most important factors in how a search engine rank your web page. All major crawlers use the text of your Title tag as the text they use for the title of your page in your listings.

It is very important what are you going to place in your title. Some options are to place legal or business information; to place you slogan or company description; or to place important keywords or phrases. I you want to make your site easy to find I suggest you to combine company and service description with important keywords. Let's say you want to create Meta tags for a fashion web site called FashionAvenue that features it's own blog. You will need to let people know that you maintain a good fashion web site, a blog and to make the brand popular. Here is one example how to do that?

First step is to make a search in the engines to see how the leading web sites have already done this! Spend some time to find this but never copy their Meta Tags. It does not work. If your site features news and gossips about fashion industry and celebrities then you may put this in your Meta tag.

< title >Fashion & LifeStyle. News, Trends and Gossips at< /title >. This way search engines already know you have a website related to fashion industry, that features news, trends and other infomation related to the fashion industry. They search results will also include your brand and website name. I'm sure that this is not the perfect example and if you know what aim to achieve you'll create better site Title.

The other important thing are Meta Tag description, content and keywords. You have to create description, content in separate tag like this < meta name="description" content="" >. Put you text in quotation marks. For the example above you can place the following

< meta name="description" content="Fashion Review and Blog. Daily News and Reviews on Collections, Trends, Personalities and Global Lifestyle" >

Do not make the description too long. Include only the words and phrases that are very important and target your web site. It is a good idea to make another search so you should be able to define which keywords related to your industry are the most popular ones. When you create a description you can choose a different model. You can provide only keywords and phrases instead of content description.

For example

< meta name="description" content="Fashion, Review, News, Blog, Celebrities, Collections, Trends, Personalities, Lifestyle, Shopping." >

It also works but only siteowner can decide which one is better.

The third one is Meta tag where you place author. You can put your name or your website there.

< meta name="author" content="" >

There are other Meta tags as well however those 3 are the most important ones for Search Engines to recognize, index and rank your web sites.

Wish you good luck with your online activities.

» Dimitar Avramov is a Managing Editor at Business Address Network
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