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Times Changed! Find New Way to Popularize Your Website
By Dimitar Avramov

Google has changed the rules. It is still a market leader. So we should follow G's guidelines if we want our web sites to appear at the top of the search results.

What's different today?

Linking methods have become an irrelevant way to promote a web site within the last 6 months. Since most of the webmasters have been focused on buying links instead of adding quality content to their web sites Google decided to change the way their algorithm indexes and ranks web sites.

Exchanging or buying links used to be very popular strategy to boost your web site. But not anymore. It brought too many "useless" web sites that gained top placement at Google only because of many links led to them.

G team made changes this summer that decreased the importance of reciprocal linking as a method of building page rank and boosting a website link popularity.

I have seen many of our partners' web sites loose their positions and polularity.

If for some reason your web site has also are among those who lost I suggest you review your linking strategy. You may need to suspend some of the link partnerships and to remove links to websites that do not bring real popularity. It is a good idea to spend some time analyzing your content and to keep only those partnerships that contribute to your website business identity.

What to do?

  • Try to write some articles, participate in online media activities, contribute to forums by posting meaningful. This way links to your website will come because of useful content, not from simple linking.

  • Focus on building inbound links to your web site. This will boost your website relevance.

  • Use the good old-fashioned way to publicize a website by submiting it to directories.

    Those techniques never lost their importance. Using them you will be more independent from changes search engines make in their algorithms. So it is time to focus on building quality content.

  • » Dimitar Avramov is a Managing Editor at Business Address Network
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